We use an invisable fence as my dog is a jumper. She hurt…

We use an invisable fence as my dog is a jumper. She hurt her foot leaving the house yesterday and is now terrified to leave the house. We think she associated the pain with the fence even though she was no where near the fence
Any suggestions?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, As with any fear associated behavior it is best to start slow and gentle and begin to gradually reassure them that things are ok. In some cases I use treats, a short lead or even a dog bed to place a good reward with conditioning out a fearful reaction. Things like placing her in a crate she is comfortable in to relax her near the threshold and then walking slowly outside and giving her treats as you go or as she approaches you. Often you will find there is a specific point that they won’t advance past. This is… Read more »