I think my cat got into the trash and eat some of the casing off a …

I think my cat got into the trash and eat some of the casing off a large summer sausage (from redners grocery store) earlier this evening! She is acting very normal, but I am concerned about the strips of casing getting lodged inside her bowels or else! This cat is my world, so I am freaking ou! Any advice, any other cats do this? I dunno what the material was made from.

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2 years ago

So, the casing on sausages is usually “natural” – meaning it’s made of intestine. It’s meant to be digested. I would monitor, but I don’t think I’d overly stress. Dr. Magnifico might have another opinion, and if she chimes in I’d listen to her more than I’d listen to me. Just relaying how I’d react in this situation.

I WOULD plan to alter the trash situation, if your cat can dig around in it. Don’t want kitty getting something really dangerous, like cooked chicken bones!

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I agree with laura. Monitor your cat closely and call the vet at the first sign of concern. I would also recommend that you call them anyway and just ask them what they think. It might be helpful if something does come up to have spoken with them before hand. That way they can hopefully see you ASAP.