I rescued a box of kittens that were thrown in a cardboard box wet to die …

I rescued a box of kittens that were thrown in a cardboard box wet to die four years ago. My fiancé kept one that we named Stoker (a tuxie that reminded me of Bram Stoker). Three months ago he blocked. We got him in to the emergency vet and transferred him to our regular clinic. Over the last three months he has had nothing but complications from infections of the sutures outside, to irritation and swelling. We finally got the last two outer sutures out at the vet about a month ago and were not charged. However today temperatures soared and he has been panting nonstop. His body temp is 101.9, and I have been wetting him down with a wet wash rag. He then vomited nothing but hair and water (assume from over grooming because of heat). Finally got him in an a/c room and he vomited again. He is twitching in his hind end. I tried to insert a sterile curved syringe into the new opening and cannot get it further than 1/4” so instead of heat stroke I am now worried the hole may have healed over. We have no income as we have both become unemployed. I am desperate for help.

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3 years ago

Heather- I would make a phone call to your regular vet who is familiar with this cat and situation right away.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Based on the temperature you took I don’t think the panting is due to fever. I would be worried about pain, stress etc. I often see cats pain with pain or stress. I am so sorry about all that has happened. I am also sorry to say that the only way to help your cat is with a vet. Someone needs to examine him. Call you vet and ask for help. Or find a car specialist to assist. Or call every shelter and rescue.