I recently adopted my cat, Critter, as he was on my grandma’s farm and had …

I recently adopted my cat, Critter, as he was on my grandma’s farm and had a paw infection. We brought him inside and started him on antibiotics. Unfortunately, the infection did not respond as hoped and he had to have his leg amputated.

After this, he was back to a perky young cat – playing and eating well. A week after surgery I noticed a bump just below the incision. I asked my vet if I should be concerned, and she said not unless it’s hot and that it’s probably a seroma. This made sense to me as he was more active than he probably should have been post surgery.

The next day, that bump burst and started leaking fluid. It was pink and not super cloudy, not smelly or hot. I kept and eye on it all day, and found that it never stopped leaking, so today I took him to the vet. There appears to be a small hole and it’s infected. It’s not at the site of the incision and the incision looks perfect.

He’s on a higher dose of antibiotics now, and some more pain meds as it is tender. He had the wound flushed this morning, and goes again in two days for another flushing.

I guess my question is – is it possible this is the same infection as before? The vets who performed the amputation said they were positive they got any infection (even taking the lymph node), I’m hoping that this is secondary and that maybe the bump was caught on something, or he scratched it open?

ETA: 1st photo is Saturday night, 2nd photo is Sunday afternoon, 3rd photo is today after flushing and rest.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Well this is a lot of info to go through. First it is always hard for an outside person to assess a situation and the response to that situation. That being said I have never amputated due to infection. Cancer yes. Infection no. Damage to a limb yes. So perhaps that was the issue? If the limb wasn’t functional and it was infected then amputation was prob the best way to go. After that I would talk about culturing the infection to make sure the correct antibiotic is being used. Talk to your vet about this. See what they… Read more »