I noticed last Friday an outline of a circle on my dog head that you can …

I noticed last Friday an outline of a circle on my dog head that you can to look for a certain angle to see. The next day you could see it more and it open up and was bleeding. I took my dog to the vets on Monday and asked if it could be cancer and was told it could be then given betafuse that I applied twice a day till today, the cream done nothing. The growth itself I don’t think has grown outwards but I think it grown a bit upwards. His been acting less energetic lately it mite be due to him getting older as his close to 8 he only seem full of energy when it come to walks or play but he just seem a bit of off less up for going up the stairs. His also got a small lump on his side and neck tho they ain’t the size of this lump.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

The only way a lump or bump is definitively diagnosed is with a biopsy. A photo can’t provide the answer as many of them look very similar. I would follow the directions of your vet and follow up if it worsens or doesn’t resolve. You can also ask about a biopsy or a referral to a veterinary dermatologist. Because it is on the head I would also ask about it possibly being a histiocytoma. Let us know what happens.