I live in a studio apartment with two female cats (ages 1.5 & 5) and when I’m …

I live in a studio apartment with two female cats (ages 1.5 & 5) and when I’m not in the apartment, they get along fine. During the day if I’m home, they only compete when they are hungry. But all of a sudden between 12am and 1am if I’m home, they start to chase each other to the point of some scary yowels. I can only assume it’s jealousy-triggered. My question is, how do I mitigate the fighting if i can only separate them between a cold bathroom and the huge main room (that has me in it)? Would separating them like that only make things worse? Any herbal remedies to calm newly competitive kitties?

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2 years ago

Hi there- there may be an underlying issue that is unknown or unrealized to you that is causing this change in behavior. So that might be worth investigating. As far as keeping them separated in your studio- have you tried to make places where they can “escape” to? For instance, we used to have a cat that was very sociable, but when she needed her alone time she would go up on the window sill of our basement window (high up) where no one else could bother her. When the cat we currently have needs a break from the dogs,… Read more »