I just got back from the vet. Basically the vet told me there’s no point …

I just got back from the vet. Basically the vet told me there’s no point in going to the neurologist if I’m not considering surgery and there’s no point of an MRI because once again I’m not considering surgery. He prescribed Tramadol along with the galliprant and Gabapentin he’s already taking . I just gave it to him now. I also asked about rehabilitation. He told me that he has seen improvements with acupuncture however he did tell me that I need to consider his quality of life. He told me if he was going to get better he would have already shown signs of improvement .im so heartbroken right now. I’m not sure what to do.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry that things haven’t improved and that you are feeling down trodden about his condition. I can’t tell you what the answer is for you or your dog. But I can say that it is not anyone’s place to steal your hope or break your heart. I know lots of dogs who aren’t perfect or even paralyzed. If you think you can manage that then that’s ok to try. If you are worried about pain that is something your vet can help with. I ha e to agree with part of your vets advice. If you aren’t ready… Read more »