I just came across your video of Hank the beagle from Dec. 2016 and it gives me …

I just came across your video of Hank the beagle from Dec. 2016 and it gives me hope.

Our beagle Katy just had surgery for a ruptured disc between the T12-13 and T13-L1 vertebrae that was causing compression on the spinal cord. She had no use of her back legs.
She had a hemilaminectomy on the 13th after waking up with no use of her back legs.

We brought her home today the 18th, still no use of her back legs and we have to express her bladder for her.

Also It’s my first day but I can’t seem to get her bladder to express. She has leaked pretty consistently on the pad overnight.
One last thing. She tends to sit up and not want to lay down. Can she not do this on her own. When I guided her down she went right to sleep but I dont want to force anything that may cause damage.

Dr. said we should give it until the end of the month to see if overall improvement happens.

Any advice. Signs of hope to look for?
We are doing passive range of motion therapy with her.

Thank you so much,
Tim Perry

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, There is a lot of missing information that makes this a little difficult to give advice on. Like how long she was down? What that looked like? How severe it was/ how long she waited for surgery, what her physical condition before was, etc Etc. Also who did the surgery. What did that look like? I don’t expect that you will know all of this but your vet should. And they should be a constant part of her recovery. I have a huge amount of information available on my blog and YouTube channel. Here tou will see how much… Read more »