I have an 8 year old lab who’s had an ear infection for 6 months. I’ve …

I have an 8 year old lab who’s had an ear infection for 6 months. I’ve taken him to my vet probably 15 times and she’s tried a variety of remedies, including steroids (which he’s allergic to) ear flushes, and antibiotics. He’s now on Apoquel, and an ear flush that I use twice a day, which has really helped with the itching but there is still pus inside the ear. He doesn’t seem to be suffereing much from it at this point, but I need to get it resolved. I have an appointment with a dermatolgist that she consults with but the earliest appointment I could get was at the end of Sept.

Just wondering if you have any suggestions. I can give you all of the medications he’s been on if you need them.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I would also inquire about adding cytopoint, frequent cleanings with a medicated optic, a hypoallergenic diet and a culture of the ear. In many cases I also talk about oral medications like a steroid and an antibiotic for the really difficult cases. If the ear continues to be so diseased and problematic you can also inquire about a TECA.

I hope this helps. Good luck.