i have a year old English springer spaniel. She’s around 48lbs but is a good …

i have a year old English springer spaniel. She’s around 48lbs but is a good weight, you can see her ribs and the curve that is looked for, my vet told me this. Thus, I believe the weight is muscle. For awhile now I’ve noticed that when she turns her head you hear her neck pop. I took her to the vet, two different people, and of course they didn’t hear it happen when I was in but luckily the second time I brought a video. They said they didn’t know what it was but to not play tug games or use a leash. Well it’s still happening. I did a genetics test for her with embark to see if she is 100% springer and was surprised to find that she is and that she is a carrier for IVDD type 1. Should I be worried about the popping and her ivdd gene that she carries? At this point I’m not sure what to do. I feel like I’m treating her like glass so nothing goes wrong and she doesn’t hurt herself.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I have a few patients who have this sound produced when they move a certain way and cause the Surfaces of the joints to rub together. It’s like cracking your knuckles of your hands. I would guess this is what might be going on with your dog? People and dogs can have knees that crack or vertebra or any other joint area. If it is this than it usually is not treatable other than trying to reduce the times it happens by not repeating the motion that causes it. Which can be hard if not impossible in a dog.… Read more »