I have a two year old male yellow lab that has already had two obstruction surgeries. …

I have a two year old male yellow lab that has already had two obstruction surgeries. Both of these, Scout stopped eating and drinking and was vomiting. Last week we believe he ate a sock in which he has been eating on and off, he is drinking, peeing and is pooping. He wakes up every morning wagging his tail and is in good spirits, just lacking some energy on the days he doesn’t eat. He weighed 80 pounds on his previous checkup, yesterday we took him to our local vet, he weighed 70 lbs. The performed an x ray on him and said they believe it was a soft material that he swallowed and couldn’t determine if it was in his intestine or in his colon. While at the vet Scout was wagging his tail, holding the leash in his mouth as he usually does and ate about 20 treats. My vet charged me $360 and told me they recommend me to go to the animal hospital for an ultrasound to get a better idea of where this sock is located. I waited for 4 hours for them to tell me that they performed the ultrasound, it was somewhat inconclusive, his colon was enlarged and recommended exploratory surgery. I requested we wait to see if he will pass this. They kept him overnight, asked for an $800 deposit and called this morning saying that he was the same, and took x-rays to say it hasn’t moved. Your thoughts, suggestions or advice?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I am very (extremely) concerned about e weight loss. In my opinion in a dog rhat age it is a huge red flag. It cannot be ignored and should absolutely put everyone on high alert that there is an issue. For this reason alone and the hyporexia I would say an exploratory is indicated after all other diagnostics have proven unhelpful. In my experience nothing (absolutely nothing except maybe a ct or mri ) at helping to put answers together. I also think that if they don’t find a foreign body that biopsy samples are helpful to diagnose weight… Read more »