I have a question directly for Dr. Magnifico. I reached out through Jarrettsville Vet, and they …

I have a question directly for Dr. Magnifico. I reached out through Jarrettsville Vet, and they directed me to Pawbly to reach Dr. Magnifico more directly:

I am reaching out after watching your YouTube videos on nasopharyngeal polyp removal. My cat Fitzgerald has all of the symptoms of this (and has for multiple years). A couple of years ago, he had a full-mouth tooth extraction due to stomatitis at University of Georgia. (I live in Atlanta.) They suspected his wheezing, occasional sneezing, snoring, and other symptoms could be due to a polyp, but, as a vet school, they refuse to check without putting him under and doing $3500 in scans. They would then have him come back in to be put under again, taken to the pet hospital, and then would extract the polyp as a costly surgery. They are not alone in the high costs of treatment in the Atlanta area.

I have seen your expertise and candidness regarding this simple diagnosis, actual procedure, and the lower cost and would like to bring my cat to your clinic. Fitzgerald has been on longer car rides in the past, so I’m sure it would be okay. I am a graduate student living on a small stipend in the city. $3500+ is not possible for me, which is why I am willing to drive 10 hours. It’s the only way I can afford to take care of Fitz’s polyp.

Please let me know how I may proceed with scheduling this. I am eager to do so as early as this month. I appreciate your time.

Christy Kinney
(and Fitzgerald)

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I think that in older cats an oronasal-pharyngeal polyp is less likely than in younger cats. I also think that it is hard for me to fathom why so many vets are afraid or reluctant to look for them. If you would like me to look we have to arrange the trip as you are so far away. This can be done by calling the clinic and asking for the office manager to arrange this. I always tell people to call every rescue and shelter around you and see if someone local has experience with this. In almost all… Read more »