I have a one eyed cat who about 1.5 years old. He had his eye removed before …

I have a one eyed cat who about 1.5 years old. He had his eye removed before we adopted him but know he had multiple eye infections that led to the enucleation. He has always sneezed A LOT since we’ve had him and we thought it was likely a side effect from his eye removal. In the last few months, every few weeks a very large pocket of air fills up in area surrounding his eye socket on the side with no eye. The first time it happened our vet was flummoxed when he aspirated it with a needle, expecting fluid but only air came out. Since the first time this happened, the area has continued to refill with air every few weeks. We continually take him in and they remove anywhere from 10-14ccs of air. It doesn’t seem to hurt him or bother him but it gets huge and uncomfortable. We took him to an eye specialist recently who said any exploratory surgery and tests would cost no less than 4k just to start and they had no idea what it could be. Since this doesn’t seem to bother him, are we crazy to think we could try to aspirate his eye at home when it fills up? Has anyone ever come across anything like this? Every vet we talk to has never seen anything like it. Would love any help or advice!

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Krista Magnifico
8 months ago

Hello, Well I have to say I haven’t had this experience with any of my patients. So we are in uncharted waters here. I suppose the answer is do you have to spend a whole bunch of money to try to find the reason for an issue that doesn’t really seem to be affecting your cat? The answer is both yes, because in my experience it can be really hard to know if this is truly causing your cat discomfort because they hide it so weep that often you don’t realize it was a problem until it’s gone and your… Read more »