I have a female cat, around 4 years old. I had noticed she was gaining weight, or …

I have a female cat, around 4 years old. I had noticed she was gaining weight, or so I thought, as her belly was starting to get really round. She is not fixed but there is no chance of pregnancy. I have now noticed that she seams to have a discharge and quite a bit of it. I have read that it could possibly be an infection. Vets are quoting me around $3,500. Due to covid 19 my hours at work have been cut so I can not afford all of that up front. I doubt I will be able to get approved for care credit and if so I will not be able to get approved for that much. So I’m wondering what other options I might have? I dont want to loose my baby girl and it may be coming down to rehoming her to get the care she requires right now. What can I do to at least try to keep her comfortable during this?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I would call everyone you can and ask for help. I do not charge an exorbitant fee for this and I am not alone. Call rescues, shelters and everyone you can you ask for help that you can afford. In the interim call your vet and ask to be seen. If you can or afford surgery perhaps you can afford fluids and antibiotics . and hopefully this will be enough help to get her through this and then spay her ASAP. Surgery is best But antibiotics are better than nothing. Call your vet and ask for help you can… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello. At least get fluids and antibiotics started. At my clinic this would be $45 exam, $25 fluid kit (1 liter fluid bag will give you 10 sq treatments) and antibiotics which you can get for $10-20 at Walmart. Go to the vet ask for a fluid kit and written antibiotic prescription for the most affordable antibiotic you can get. I think that for about $100 you can at least give your cat a fighting chance. Find a low cost spay and neuter clinic after the infection clears. That’s my honest low cost advice. Please let me know what happens