I have a cat that I suspect likely has a soft palate or nasal polyp. So …

I have a cat that I suspect likely has a soft palate or nasal polyp. So far we have seen my usual vet twice. The 1st visit they just looked at the cat and told us it was probably a respiratory infection and sent us home w/ a course of antibiotics (Orbax). That was a $150 visit. The cat completed the antibiotics and showed no improvement in it’s respiratory status, plus it seems like the meds made the car loose his appetite to the point of hardly eating. We just went back for another f/u visit, this time insisting on at least some diagnostic tests and they drew blood for labs, and did a chest x-ray (which the said appeared clear). This time they sent us home with azithromycin and prednisolone (more antibiotics and a steroid). That was a $500 visit. I expressed concern about an obstruction or polyp to the vet, and was told that if this course of meds didn’t work, we might need to see a specialist. I would be very grateful if anyone could put me in touch with a vet like Dr. Krista Maginfico that could help us address the medical issue at a reasonable price in the Austin, Tx area. Please, help if you know of anyone…..thank you in advance.

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1 year ago

Good morning- so sorry about your car. Is it possible to get referred to a specialist by your vet? I know you already spoke to them, but perhaps a quick over the phone conversation could point you in the right direction if your vet isn’t equipped to diagnose? Or maybe call your local humane society and ask if they know of a vet practice that is capable? I hope you can get in touch with someone you’re comfortable with. Best of luck!!