I have a 4 year old poodle that I adopted after he became paralyzed from his back …

I have a 4 year old poodle that I adopted after he became paralyzed from his back legs. He became paralyzed Dec 2018 and due to lack of resources, we chose the conservative method, but have seen minimal changes in the past 1.5 years since his injury. He is a very happy and friendly dog and doesn’t appear to miss his rear legs. My question is if he’ll ever feel his rear legs again? If his brain will ever detect them or know they are there? He has a wheelchair, but he dislikes it. His diagnosis is a slipped disk from two vets who also said he would be paralyzed for life. I took him to a trial treatment at Texas A&M Vet school, but unfortunately, the product they are developing is too far into the future. Looking for your opinion on what options, if any, my pet might have.
Thank you!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I am not a neurologist specialist, but, I think almost every veterinarian would say that if you haven’t seen much, or, any progress by this point you are probably very unlikely to. I do however know many many dogs who have done quite well for many years in the same condition yours is. I would insure a few things; 1. The home is safe and handicapped accessible. Block stairs and provide same level access to all needed things. Like bed, food and water. 2. Make sure you protect the wear surfaces on his body. Like legs, ankles and joints.… Read more »