I have a 12 year old female cat. She was obese for several years. I managed to …

I have a 12 year old female cat. She was obese for several years. I managed to get weight off of her a few months before these issues. There has been a lot of urination outside of the box. The urination has been going on a long time and initially I thought it was behavior because I adopted a rescue dog in October 2018 she hasn’t been thrilled about the dog. Right around the time my cat turned 12 she started with the urination… February or March.

In the last couple of weeks her thirst increased significantly. Also just laying on her side on the floor, not wanting to be in her bed or on the furniture. She’s losing weight /muscle mass and she is hoarse. She is still eating, I had to coax her a bit one day so I made chicken broth from drumsticks she’s been drinking a good amount of the broth and ate chicken and her canned food. She’s actually been gulping the food down.

I can’t tell if this is kidney related or diabetes. I have not noticed bad breath. I am in a real bind and need to figure out what else to do for her till I can get money for a vet.

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2 years ago

Inappropriate urination is often the first noticeable sign something is wrong. Increased thirst means this has been going on long enough to be a total body problem. I would put a lot of effort into getting her seen sooner than later…going too long can and will cause further damage to her already very sick body.

(Dr. M told me bad breath is kidneys. Expect a full urinalysis and bloodwork, plus the possibility of subcutaneous fluids and prescription diet.)