I have a 12 year old cat that is experiencing sneezing, nasal discharge followed with blood in …

I have a 12 year old cat that is experiencing sneezing, nasal discharge followed with blood in one nostril as well as some wheezing. Took him to emergency room and he was given steroid injection and clavamox for two weeks in December. After the two weeks experienced same thing, they stated it could be nasal polyp. Regular vet gave Orbax which did nothing. After calling around because everyone wanted 2500 for a ct scan i found a vet that performed a rhinoscopy and he removed three polyps. One looked abnormal so he did a culture and biopsy. He put my cat on doxycycline. The cat is still having wheezing but breathing better. The meds do not seem to be working. So went back to vet and he gave my cat a steroid injection. The biopsy came back negative for cancer and the culture negative for respiratory viruses. He doesn’t know whats going on. He says either my cat has a immune issue with inflammation where he will prescribe some predisone pills or that the cat has a tumor deeper than his rhinoscopy can go. He is suggesting i put my cat down. My cat has been behaving more energetic since receiving the predisone injection days ago but the wheezing and stuffy nose wont go away. Any ideas, i don’t want to put down an otherwise healthy animal.?

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2 years ago

Hi there😊 So glad that you were able to search out and find a vet that could help you. Have you had a heart to heart with him about other management options for your cat?

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

hello, i see lots of cats with lots of nasal issues. In general most older cats are some degree of inflammation and irritation, or even perhaps an allergy component. I think that before any suggests euthanasia it would be helpful to get a second opinion. I would ask to see either an internal medicine specialist, or, a feline specialist. If she is happy, eating and functioning I would give her more time an try a few other treatment options. In some cases long term cerenia nasal drops, a steroid, or even an inhaler can help. Also look at her environment.… Read more »