i apologize i’m advanced if this is confusing to read its kind of difficult to …

i apologize i’m advanced if this is confusing to read its kind of difficult to explain what im trying to say. i have an 11 year old rottweiler named Roxy. she’s been more amazing than you could ever ask for. as she has gotten older she has obviously gotten slower and it got to the point recently where when she would sit down she would sit on the side of her leg, she needs assistance getting up, and when walking you have to support her back half for a minute then she can walk on her own for a while till she needs a break. She can’t really bend one of her hind legs anymore. i’ve took her to the vet but am currently looking for a new vet because this one kept her 5 days, he called on day 2 and told me she was responding to some medication good. then called me on day 3 and told me she seemed paralyzed in the back half, then called me on day 4 and told me she didn’t seemed paralyzed and was walking better and i could come pick her up the next morning. i get there and he is very short about Roxy’s problems, doesn’t tell me much of anything wrong with her just gives me $300 in medication to give her at home. i’m working with her everyday helping her walk anytime she wants to move and she does seem to be slowly getting better. She never whines or acts like she’s in pain when moving or if you touch the back legs. She’s still full of life, her back legs are just holding her back. I’m going to do anything it takes to make sure she’s living as happy as she can and was just looking for any suggestions on what her problems could be and any thing i could do to help her
Thank you for any help i’m advance!!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I think a second opinion is in order. I also think you should send your vet a letter asking to explain why your dog needed to be kept and if there is a more affordable pain medication you can try. All vets have a license and all care can be inquired upon and challenged if deemed inappropriate. Also ask your friends for help in finding a reputable vet and then be completely honest about your financial abilities and treatment concerns for her. I’m sure there are affordable medications you can try And options like acupuncture or physical therapy and… Read more »