I am on round two of having my male cat’s urinary system unblocked. Both places (…

I am on round two of having my male cat’s urinary system unblocked. Both places (different for reasons about to be discussed) are warm and welcoming and reassuring before $2,500+ paymemts…then seem eager to send him home sooner than expected.
My cat is presently in the second hospital for the blockage and they are already talking about sending him home.
I need advice because I have exhausted all money that I could use for any further treatment.
Should I insist they keep him under observation longer than the few hours they are now telling me he needs post-catheter removal?

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1 year ago

Hello there- Years ago, we had a male cat who had to have a blockage removed surgically. They kept him while he was catheterized overnight, and then we brought him home with very strict instructions. We had to keep him confined during recovery, (because while recovering there was a chance of leaking) so we got baby gates and made him very comfy in the family room. I made sure to have a nice big blanket down and a few spares so that I could launder and change them out. We also had to change his diet to Rx food and… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello Nothing in vet med infuriates me more than this scenario, which I hear almost daily. In my opinion these cases are that they ALWAYS REQUIRE MULTIPLE DAYS OF IV FLUID THERAPY AND YOU DO NOT PULL THE URINARY CATHETER UNTIL THE URINE IS RUNING CLEAR. I feel the veterinary community is setting these patients and their families up for failure. I would like to hear more about your story. I also think you ha e very little choice other than to consider a PU surgery or find a place who can help you on a tight budget. Please find… Read more »