I had run out my house leaving butter on my counter to thaw. I…

I had run out my house leaving butter on my counter to thaw. I arrived home to find 2 large piles of what I assumed was bile. While cleaning it up I realized it was in fact butter, to my horror my dog had consumed 3 sticks of butter. I have a call in to my vet but would love to know how bad this is to ease my mind. My boy is a Border Collie/GSD mix, 80lbs, 4 years and in good overall health, aside from vomiting he seems to be his normal self. (And yes, I know better than to leave anything on the counter.) Thank you!

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Jana Rade
3 years ago

Well, it may or may not be bad; depending on how strong his system is. Butter is not toxic but it is, clearly, very high in fat. So the biggest danger from consumption of so much of it would be pancreatitis. I imagine some dogs might eat all that and just get a mild stomach upset. Others might get in a lot of trouble. Pancreatitis is painful and can be dangerous. If he’s still vomiting and/or looking ill, do see a vet asap.