Hi, My 8mo old long haired German Shepherd was spayed 5d ago and developed what her…

My 8mo old long haired German Shepherd was spayed 5d ago and developed what her regular Vets tell me is a seroma. Nobody has examined her post op, all phone consults.
I am an Rn. They knew she was hyper & I requested postop sedation- they opted for Trazodone 100mg 2x/day & Rimadyl for pain. This did nothing, she continued to jump up/romp a bit inside as she did when i picked her up. So they doubled the dose to 200mg bid, 3rd day adding Benadryl 50mg 2x/day which helps a little. Said short walks ok Saturday (3d post op)
I kept her as confined as possible in crate or pen. It’s about the size of a plum? I hope it’s not intestinal bleeding. She had laser surgery with internal sutures & skin glue closure. They advised heat. Today she started to have serosanguanous leaking from the incision so now it’s riskier for infection. She’s not had great appetite but otherwise acting normally- pooping less also. Should I insist on an exam or just keep monitoring for signs infection, etc?
She’s not licking area as wearing cone/collar. Is this common post spay? Vet is very experienced IF she’s the one who actually performed it…i presume she did. It’s not a teaching hospital. Very $$ 800!!
Thanks! Deb

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your pup. YES! you should insist upon an exam. I consider it unethical that you have to ask, they should have offered on the first call of your concern. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary. Ask for your bill, the doctor who performed the surgery should be listed on that. You can even request her medical records. It is our practice to not charge for exams post op follow ups. It conveys an air of confidence on both sides and helps reassure everyone that we have our pets care at the… Read more »