Hi! This message is for Dr. Magnifico: I just watched one of your YouTube videos on …

Hi! This message is for Dr. Magnifico: I just watched one of your YouTube videos on IVDD disc disease and it gave me so much Comfort listening to you speak about the pup you were treating and the amount of pain he was in. I have my boy, 11 year old schnauzer_ 25 lbs- we did an MRI Last Saturday which revealed a disc extrusion a C3-4 with other milder disc protrusions. My guy has also had some liver issues for the past three years which has him on denamarin every day but also since this supplement, his liver enzymes have gone back to Normal. He is currently on Dexamethasone 0.5 mg, gabapentin 100mg and tramadol 50mg. Even though I did ask the doctor from the emergency hospital as well as Rex’s (my dog) other regular physician if these medications would be OK with him and his past liver problems, They both said yeah, I still can’t help but feel a little bit worried that these medications are going to hurt his already damaged liver. I’ve been trying to take it easy on the tramadol as a matter of fact they waited only until yesterday to start giving it to him because he is fine during the day he can still walk poop,pee and is still a total scavenger, But come night time that’s when he starts getting more comfortable and about 4 to 5 times he has woken up crying in pain which breaks my heart. Of course these episodes thank God only last about 10 to 20 seconds no longer and then he shakes it off and is fine after that. During these episodes though he gets up lift his right leg up and sort of paralyzes for that short amount of time his neck is not able to move his whole body hunches it’s a really scary experience the first time I saw it happen I thought he was dying, so you describing it the way that you did in one of your YouTube videos really really made me feel so much better about Rex and what he is going through and if anything made me feel thankful that even though my baby is in pain and is feeling uncomfortable there are so many other puppies out there doing so much worse than him. I’ve decided to buy him a stroller just because his brother, him and I are outdoor people we would go every day on 2 to 3 hour walks and now we’ve diminished them to 10 to 20 minute walks which still think that’s a lot so I think his stroller is going to help all three of us. I’m sorry for the rant I’ll finally get to the point-I just wanted to ask you what’s your experience with those three medications that I just mentioned do you think they are going to eventually become an issue with his liver? Also what’s your opinion on a neck brace for dogs I was thinking and looking up a few neck braces that might help him keep his next treat would you recommend this?
I hope to hear back from you soon and once again, thank you so much for your YouTube videos. I wish all veterinarians were like you.


Jess V.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Although dex is a great anti inflammatory and analgesic I would be more worried about it with the liver. I also am not a fan of tramadol. I prefer gabapentin and robaxin for the IVDD dogs. Some of this is personal preference. Please call your vet and ask about your concerns with the liver and if they think the drugs I mentioned might help. Keep us posted. I have a long blog on IVDD at kmdvm.blogspot.com. And multiple YouTube videos. Please review all of them for help. Good Iuck.