Hi, This is our 11 month old kitten! I snapped this photo of her yawning and it …


This is our 11 month old kitten! I snapped this photo of her yawning and it appears she has an extra tooth on the left side?

We have had her for almost 6 weeks now, she chews on almost everything so were growing concerned. She is eating, sleeping, and playing all the same.

Please let us know what you think is going on in this little mouth

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2 years ago

Hi there 😊 Seeing as she is almost a year old kitten, I am assuming that you have a vet visit lined up for her in the near future for vaccinations/booster shots. I would make a note of it and mention it to the vet. If it doesn’t seem to be bothering her or effecting her appetite, it is probably ok to wait until your appointment. If there is a change in eating habits or behavior- you may want to call your vet sooner.

2 years ago

I know vets will extract retained baby teeth in dogs. I would imagine they do the same for cats.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Is she spayed? We would remove any extra baby teeth while doing th at under general anesthesia. Although I cannot get a really great look at the mouth I don’t see an obvious extra tooth on the photo. But please have your vet look. Leaving extra teeth behind predisposes them to accelerated dental disease. So go when you can. It’s not an emergency. Even if your cat is spayed we recheck them at about 18 months old for their next vaccines and rabies booster. Hope this helps. Be safe.