Hi! This is my first time posting here! We are taking our baby Rusty to the …

Hi! This is my first time posting here!

We are taking our baby Rusty to the Vet next week. He has been recovering from Parvo this past week after being hospitalized for 6 days. He is doing AMAZING. Eating great, keeping it down. Still has slight runny poop/diarrhea. But we know that was to be expected. No blood, colors great.

We take him to the vet next week for a check up to see how he’s doing.

My husband and I noticed a tiny red spot on his arm where his vitals/catheter was they stuck in him at the hospital. We thought at first he was just picking at a scab, so to prevent it I went to wrap it back up and bought a inflatable cone from Petsmart.

As I was about to wrap it up, I noticed it was a pretty big open area exposed. Looking closer, I see a tiny pinpoint hole in the middle. At first, I thought it was again from the vitals they put in his arm.

Looking on Google being paranoid, I came across the possibility of warbles. My heart sank.

I just wanted to know what you think. He has been doing so so well. All my life my family has had dogs but never have had this issue before.

You can see it is right above where his previous bandage at the hospital was.. so not sure if it is really from all the IVs or warbles.

I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you so much!

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Krista Magnifico
1 month ago

Hello! Welcome! I am so happy for you to hear that your pup is doing so well. Parvo is my most dreaded diagnosis as it always hits the very young and often it is either too expensive for people to treat it too severe for dogs to survive. I would place the ecollar and make sure he can’t lick the area. And I would also keep it cleans and dry. I usually don’t wrap it because it can be too tight and cause really bad problems for rhe leg and cover up a wound I would rather have people observing… Read more »