Hi there, I guess it will be long. Anamnesis My cat is an adopted cat from …

Hi there,

I guess it will be long.

My cat is an adopted cat from shelter. He was 1.5 yrs old when I adopted him and 9 months old when he got into the shelter. He is 7.5 yrs old now.
He suffered from catflu. He lost his left eye because of it. He had polyp in his left nasal cavity having spread to his left earcanal also, so he had to undergo a surgery at the age of 1.5.

The problem
Every season changes– fall, spring — makes him sneeze so I always administer him Vetri-DMG and Flumax to strenght his immune system.
This fall he was sneezing a lot sounded some discharge up, but didn’t see anything then he started snoring didn’t matter if he was sleeping or awaken. He vomited brownish, greenish, and yellowish fluid. Later on he tried to vomit, but nothing came up. On the top of these he seemed to be gasping for breath or being out of breath.
Since having administered Vetri-DMG and Flumax for 3 or 4 weeks I took him to a vet. He administered him eyedrops (3×2 for 7-10 days) Tobradex — corticosteroid and antibiotics — as he found nothing, but his teary eye and conjunctivitis, which is of course tearing all the time as he has epiphora thanks to catflu. He also administered Moxiclear spot on when the next deworming time comes (he is given dewormer each month, Fenbendazole and Praziquantel — guess you know it as Panacur) to make sure that he has no heartworm or lungworm…

Eardrops have been used for 8 days and he has started snoring again. He snores sometimes even he is awaken when breathing in or out.

His RIGHT side nostril seems to be swollen inside, so as far as I can see ti and narrower on this side. And that’s what makes me be so worried. I am afraid of… nasal cancer. He is a ginger cat and has lentigo on his nose, in on his lips, on his pows… How can I find out what the problem is? Unfortunately, in my country vets doesn’t know anything except giving injections… If an illness is not well-seen yet they do nothing.

Help us please!

Thank you so much in advance!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, When I see oronasal or facial cancer it usually causes displacement of the eye outward. It can also cause swelling or enlargement of the facial area (bridge of nose and cheek area). I haven’t seen one to cause widening or narrowing of the nose. My suspicion would be more inflammatory than cancer. Unfortunately the only way to diagnose is with either tissue samples (usually from traumatic sampling which only a specialist should do), or a CT scan (which is expensive and not available everywhere). The things I have tried in my clinic have been anti inflammatory nasal drops, nebulizer… Read more »