Hi Pawbly friends- We recently (about 3 or maybe 4 weeks ago) had to bring Riva in for …

Hi Pawbly friends-
We recently (about 3 or maybe 4 weeks ago) had to bring Riva in for tplo surgery. Her recovery is going great. She is gettting tired of the leash now that she is feeling better, but that has to stay until we get the all clear. Being that she is on leash 24/7 we are perplexed as to what possibly could have happened. Suddenly this morning when I went to give her a good morning scratch on the head she whimpered and tucked away. I checked her ears to see if there was any sign of infection- I’m pretty diligent about keeping the dogs’ ears clean and haven’t noticed anything- but I checked anyway. No smell, no redness, no build up that I could tell with the flashlight. Then I slowly massaged her neck to see if I could feel anything, but can’t. She is a tough dog and really doesn’t whimper. She has really been pulling on the leash the past couple days since she is feeling so well. Could it possibly be she pulled or pinched something because of all the leash pulling?

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

It really could be anything you are mentioning. But I do see sharp pains often originating in the spine, muscle or ears of you are close to the head. See how she moved today and maybe a harness so she is t having repeated pulling or jarring actions on her neck. You have carprofen and gabapentin if needed for pain.
Try to take it easy (I know. It’s hard. But try) and also try to do more detective work today to narrow the focus on the source.
Hope you are all well.