Hi. My Welsh Springer was drinking alot but not eating for 4 days and following an ultrasound …

Hi. My Welsh Springer was drinking alot but not eating for 4 days and following an ultrasound was diagnosed with pyometra. She underwent surgery ten days ago.
Since having the operation she still refuses to eat. She has had anti nausea treatment as well as mirtazapine. The vet has now also prescribed trazodone. We did book her in to stay at the vets for a couple of days and they said she did eat some chicken. They showed me a video as evidence. Physically they could find nothing wrong with her. On returning home she still refuses to eat but is drinking. She will not eat anything, even her favourite treats, her usual dog food, nothing. So far it has cost me nearly £2000 for her treatment and I have no funds left. It really feels as though she will starve herself to death, although I thought dogs would never do this. I have tried restoring her old pattern of eating and have removed uneaten food after an hour and offered her nothing until her next meal but she still will not eat. I am at a loss as what to do next. Thanks for your advice. Andrew.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that your pup isn’t bouncing back as you had hoped. I would call the vet back and ask for help. I would also talk about placing a feeding tube to supplement food and give her some more time to return to normal. At this point it is too long to safely wait. She needs the nutrition and she needs help in getting it. A small nasal-gastric tube can be placed with minimal topical sedation and it will at least help with liquid meal delivery. I would also look at any medications you are giving and… Read more »

2 years ago

I am sorry this is happening. I would definitely speak to the vet again and ask about help in feeding her. I would also try to entice her with boiled chicken or hot dog pieces or ham…. anything that is a super treat that might get her into eating again. I hope she is ok!!🐾💛