Hi my cat was neutered on July 21st. He has eaten normally & pooped normally but …

Hi my cat was neutered on July 21st. He has eaten normally & pooped normally but for a couple days now I haven’t noticed any urine in his box. I wish I had paid closer attention to it in the beginning to see if this has been a problem since the surgery or only the last couple days. I’m worried he might have some sort of obstruction but reading about the vet procedures we can’t afford thousands to have him unblocked. I hate I got him neutered now because apparently they did something to cause this & now my cat will likely die if I don’t find low cost help in my area. I’m around Pensacola, FL. If you know of any places that can help please let me know! Also if it was something they did to cause this shouldn’t they fix it? Curious how neutering could cause obstruction. Thanks!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Please call the vet who did the neuter right now and have your cat seen. If the vet caused the problem they are responsible for helping you find a treatment option. They are also liable for the damages they may have caused. The vet needs to be notified immediately. Please start there. If they refuse to see you based on financial concerns you can inform them that you are notifying the state veterinary medical board for assistance. All of this is within your rights and abilities. If the cat is critical call the rescues and see if he can be… Read more »

2 years ago

Hello- you need to contact the surgeon that did this surgery right away. Explain the situation and get your cat back in and seen right away.