Hi, my 2 years old cat doesn’t want to eat wet food (I have tried every …


my 2 years old cat doesn’t want to eat wet food (I have tried every kind and brand ). He only eats small amounts of dry food (urinary).
In the result he is skinny (weights only about 3,5kg) and has ongoing problems with urinary tract and struvite crystals.
We’ve been dealing with these problems since he was a child and I am afraid the situation won’t change unless he starts eating properly.
I can’t afford such frequent visits to the Vet clinic, especially since he recently had a blockage and the treatment costs a lot ( vet care in Poland is really expensive too).
He is such an active cat and despite the poor diet, he still has the energy to play.
I’ve examinated his blood and everything seems fine. His teeth are also fine..I honestly tried every internet trick to encourage him to eat.
I don’t know If he is picky or sick. Is the urinary porblems affected by diet or he doesn’t want to eat becouse of the urinary tract issues..
What should I do?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, It is ideal that your cat eats the right (prescription) urinary food, but, it is even more important that he eats. For these cases I talk to my clients about trying high quality urinary friendly over the counter diets. I also talk to them about adding little bots of the urinary prescription food into the OTC food they will eat. If all else fails I try watered down over the counter wet food. Also ask your vet about giving subcutaneous fluids at home daily to help keep the urinary system diuresing. I also think it might help to add… Read more »