Hi my 10 year old rat terrier stomach started to get big I assumed that I was …

Hi my 10 year old rat terrier stomach started to get big I assumed that I was feeding him to much, it just kept getting bigger I ended up taking him to the vet and the vet did an x ray. The mass she showed me on the x ray is pretty big. She said she would do exploratory surgery to see if I can be removed, but if not she just wants to put him to sleep. What are the complications and reasons she would not be able to remove mass?? My dog acts like he is fine he plays runs swims barks eats normal nothing about him seems sick except the giant mass in his stomach!!

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2 years ago

Hi there- that is a discussion that you would have to have with your vet. I am guessing that it depends on what type of mass it is and how it is connected to the surrounding tissue…. then the type of surgery that would need to be done if it is possible to remove it. Again, I would talk to the vet about it and explain to them that putting the dog down is not something you are willing to do. Best of luck 💛🐾

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, It might be possible to have an ultrasound done to gain more information about the mass before doing the exploratory surgery. At my clinic the ultrasound is about $300 and the surgery is about $800 plus. So often many clients want to save their resources for the meaningful service (most imperative and important) which is the surgery. So don’t waste money (if you are on a budget) just do the surgery. You really aren’t ever sure until you go in. And lastly if it is a splenic mass it’s important to do the surgery ASAP. Waiting might allow bleeding… Read more »