Hi, Madonna vet suggested I post on here to get some advice. I have 3 cats, one …

Madonna vet suggested I post on here to get some advice. I have 3 cats, one is around 7 1/2 and the other two are around 4 1/2. Last week I noticed one of them had pooped out side of the litter box and there were drops around it that had bright red bloody mucous around it. I tried looking it up and found that this can happen sometimes and not to be too concerned as long as the stool was formed. So I kept an eye out when cleaning and scooping the litter box to see if it happened again and who it was. I hadn’t noticed any more blood until today, I found some in my bathroom (picture attached). One of them is over weight and likes to eat random things sometimes, but none of then are acting any different than usual. Without trying to sound super weird i tried to inspect all 3 of them, but i can’t tell who it was so i can take them to the vet (it would be impossible to get all 3 at the same time especially with this whole pandemic going on). I guess I’m just hoping for some advice on what to do and whether or not to be super concerned. All of the vets I’ve called to talk to are booked, and I’m not really sure how to go about it.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, It sounds like the first thing is finding out who is having the issue. The ways we usually do this are as follows: 1. We separate them in the home and monitor closely. Not always the easiest. 2. If we are sure it is a urinary issue we talk about adding something to the food to change the color of the cats urine. 3. We drop them each off at the veterinary clinic to watch them there. After we know who and where the problem is we start working on a treatment plan. In some cases it can be… Read more »