Hi last Saturday Sept 14 my dog maltipoo 5 years old woke up in pain and was hunching …

Hi last Saturday Sept 14 my dog maltipoo 5 years old woke up in pain and was hunching back. Took her to the Vet, they did x rays and bloodwork that came out fine but vet said probably she had bulging disk. I guess they dx: IVDD ( I didn’t really know then) They told me to not have her jump and sent home with gabapetin, rimadyl methocarbamol for 14 days. She seem back to her old self but on Wed she let out a yelp and her back leg gave out. I called they said to resume all meds again. As I was only doing Rimadyl in Tuesday. She seemed to walk again but back leg still weak. Brought her to the vet again today and this doctor said Daizie has decline in on left left no neurological respond when bended. The right leg has slow response. They tell me to now have her limited in movement. So I got her a dog pen as she never like to be in a crate. The vet is referring for MRI/ct scan and surgery. I asked about conservative care and she did rx supplement but said at this point no guarantee. I did purchase phycox max vet recommended. Vet makes it seem like only option is to proceed with surgery. Which MRI alone is costly. Can I still do conservative care and if so what recommendations.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your pup. No one online can diagnose or prescribe a treatment plan for your dog. If you are asking if you “can” well, sure. You can do whichever plan you chose for your dog. Is it going to be as effective as surgery? No one really knows. We think that surgery offers a faster recovery and a better long term prognosis overall. But which is best for you is a decision to be made after a long talk with a vet you trust. In almost all cases my clients choose conservative care because they… Read more »