Hi , I have a cat which is 5 years old he has been going to vets on …

Hi , I have a cat which is 5 years old he has been going to vets on and off for about 2 years now with urinary tract infections I have got him on a special diet which is royal canin dried food and wet food specifically for cats with urinary problems I have a water fountain and leave my tap on all the time, fresh bowl of water daily, noticed he has been going in and out of the cat litter tray this morning and doing anything , I am tired of this keep happening and Bet he is too. What advice could you give me ? Much appreciated

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, The best way to get the best help both long and short term is to have a clear precise diagnosis. This means it is important to know if we are dealing with calculi, inflammation, stress. Etc. Often there are multiple things that cause the issue so identifying which and how they contribute is very helpful on finding the treatment or cure. In some cases what you are already doing and diet exercise, supplements and mental stimulation are all that are needed. In others surgery like a PU can solve the issue. Please ask your vet about all of these… Read more »