Hi. I have a 3 day old pit bull puppy. He was born very small. I didn’…

Hi. I have a 3 day old pit bull puppy. He was born very small. I didn’t even know my female was pregnant. She was suppose to have been spayed but that’s something I will have to take up with the office that suppose to have done it. Anyways, the puppy at first was suckling fine from mom. Over the last couple of days it’s progressively gotten to where he will not even open his mouth to feed. I went and bought puppy formula, baby bottle, eye dropper and have been trying to get some food into him. He still will not eat. What else besides see a vet can I do? I’m very limited on funds right now because I had a work related injury and was off of work few days last week so no money for a vet.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Puppies are fragile and without intensive dedicated care they can die quickly. You need to find a local breeder or rescuer with experience and you need to do it immediately. Put out a social media plea for help and call every local rescue and shelter to find someone who can help guide you on taking care of a puppy. They need to be kept warm and fed to start but other critically important things are disease and infection. Along with checking for birth defects that might prohibit growth. I wish you luck. Please be diligent in some cases I… Read more »