Hi, I have a 16 yr old shih tzu that has had brain tumour surgery but had …

Hi, I have a 16 yr old shih tzu that has had brain tumour surgery but had complication of regrowth of a cyst several times and went for fine needle cyst drainage quite a few times. She has degraded to the point of being totally non-ambulatory except for some head movements. She has to have her urine and stools expressed everytime and she has to be handfed. But she still eats very very well. I need advise on what my pet needs at this point and whether is there any reason/last wish that is making her hang on so dearly to her life despite her quality of life and body already failing her? Shes like a family. i am torn between keeping her alive and letting her go if shes suffering but my love for her and our bonds is muddling my thoughts and decisions. I have taken care of her intensely for almost a year now from prior surgery to post surgery and she had so many complications, cyst regowth several times, loss n regain limbs ability, pneumonia, anemia. She always pulled through but now shes at a stage where shes really just hanging onto her dear life i feel, lying the whole day, only able to move her head during mealtimes when she is hungry. I have spent over 30 thousand dollars this while for her medications and procedures and vet visits, she even goes for rehab/pt/accupuncture and hyperbaric which are very costly. It has gotten to a point that I am spending more than I earned every month on her rehab (even though she cannot move, she still does ultrasound therapy on her severely arthritic joints and some accupuncture to relieve any pain from not moving everyday and her mountain of medications and supplements. I really cannot imagine life without her, she is my pillar of hope and support in my dark and depressed life and family full of issues. Now my pillar is crumbling. I still take care of her, i dont care about my finances, i stopped going out except to work, i bring her everywhere whenever i can in a dog pram she just lies motionless. Its amazing how she would wake and eat so very very well and finish all her big plate of food every day twice a day but lies motionless and tired after that. Its amazing how she would use her whatever remaining energy to poop when i try to rub and stimulate her anus once everyday without fail. She would be so tired after all that. It kills me to see her like this. Before that she can move n walk or at least drag ard the hse n look happy still so its ok worth all these. I wake up 3 4 times every night to help her drink water eat snacks she would wake from hunger and pant everynight even now maybe from prednisolone. But now shes just motionless and heart murmur has reached grade 5 or 6 and anemic and totally cannot move at all but still eats super well and pee poo normal with help express. A part of me feels like euthanasing her to end her misery and my own heartache seeing her suffer yet i cant bring myself to do it thinking that she would be reallly gone and that i might have done it wrong because shes still wants to be ard and live that is why she is hanging on so dearly. Please advice me..please. i am so loss and torn between choices its killing me every moment im awake.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

this question was answered elsewhere. I applaud you for your dedication and devotion to your pup. You have gone above and beyond. i wish you well,