Possible Polyp in Healthy Cat (Similar to Stripes video by Dr Magnifico) – Urgent

For about 3 months now, our 9 year old cat, Wheezy, has been making strange noises when she breathes that are similar to snoring or sounding just really congested. We took her to the vet and determined that her lungs are fine and she doesn’t have an upper respiratory infection. We believed it was possible for it to be a polyp.

I found the video about Stripes, by Dr. Kristina Magnifico, and I would be willing to bet that Wheezy also has a polyp on her throat. However, like Stripes’ owners, our usual vet gave us an estimate of close to $1200 for all the procedures to check for a polyp and remove it (some of them seemed unnecessary for this process). We cannot afford a cost like this and if there is a simpler way to go about this like in Dr. Magnifico’s video then we need to go that route.

I also wanted to ask about another symptom Wheezy appears to have where there’s a lot of fluid building up in her right eye. Not sure if this is any more evidence of a polyp or not. I’ll attach a picture.

Everything seems to have slowly gotten worse and she has a lost a VERY unhealthy amount of weight because she won’t eat, and I would guess she’s dehydrated as well. She has lost all her energy. Prior to this starting she was a very healthy indoor/outdoor cat.

If there is anybody in the area of Eastern Massachusetts that could recommend any where they’ve taken their animals that would be so helpful.

Thank you!

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I would be worried that this is neoplasia. It is unlikely that a cat this old will have a polyp. That has been my experience. Call the rescues and shelters and see if they know of anyone local to you who will sedate your cat and look behind the soft palate. Find a feline specialist to ask for a second opinion. Good luck.