Hi everyone, It’s my first time to have a pet her name is Kumiko i …

Hi everyone,

It’s my first time to have a pet her name is Kumiko i got her when she was only 3month now she’s already 6months. When i got her her fur parents didn’t told me initially that her mother got her tail degloved. She was born inverted butt first so her mom accidentally degloved her tail. I have been treating her since then. Her tail will dry up and will last for 4-7days then the skin sheds and bleeds. She’s been wearing Elizabeth collar since then. I am getting desperate already. I consulted a Vet and now they are suggesting to have it amputated. There is no current infection but it doest heal properly. Hope someone can help me. I still don’t want her to get amputated.

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11 days ago

Unfortunately, amputation really needs to happen here. Please do this – your kitten is suffering otherwise.

Krista Magnifico
7 days ago


The tail is already missing the tip. We call this amputated. So I would say your cat already has an amputated tail but a little bit more needs to be removed so the tail can heal properly. It’s not a difficult or expensive surgery (probably $ 300-400) at my clinic. Once it heals she shouldn’t need the ecollar anymore.