Hi everyone I’m in desperate need of some help here! I have two cats (one 4…

Hi everyone I’m in desperate need of some help here! I have two cats (one 4YOM and one 1.5YOF both fixed) that keep peeing outside the litter box. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that they both go outside the litter box. The male likes going on things such as the curtains by the front window, the trash can by the back door and in my pretty much anywhere in my niece’s play room. The female likes going on dirty clothes, floor mats, and pretty much anything in both my niece’s playroom and bedroom. Unfortunately this problem has been going on for almost a year with no real improvements.

Some more information about the cats. I’ve had the male cat since birth. He is healthy barring anything showing up at the next vet visit. The female was adopted about a year ago from a local shelter and is also healthy. We have three litter boxes placed throughout the house but for the past 2ish months they’ve only used one of them. We do unfortunately have feral cats outside (caught two and had them neutered.)

I really need some help. I ripped up all the carpet in the house and replaced it with hardwoods. We’ve thrown out hundreds of dollars of clothes and toys. I’ve gone through at least $100 worth of enzyme cleaner. We swapped the litter boxes. We swapped the litter we use. We swapped diets. We close off most of the house during the day. I even attempted (much to my heartbreak) of following other online advice and confining them separately to a big dog crate for a week to retrain them on the litter box.

Nothing has worked and I’m at my wits end. I called my vet today to ask for a behaviorist but they suggested I try this resource first.

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