Hi Can you please help me with a puppy crate question? Our now almost 12 wk old …

Hi Can you please help me with a puppy crate question?
Our now almost 12 wk old golden puppy has been crated at night for 3 weeks and he is still up every hour crying..
I let him cry for about 20 min at most and he usually falls back to sleep but then wakes up again an hour later..
I will take him out only once a night (for a very boring and quick trip outside to potty) if the crying
lasts longer than about 25 min
Because I’m Exhausted… I finally caved and moved him into our bedroom in the crate (where our older dog sleeps on a dog bed) and he has slept through the night for the last three nights…
But….I hear him panting and moving around all night so I can’t sleep!
Is it okay to put crate in the basement where I won’t be able to hear him and just let him cry it out?
I’ve never had this problem with previous puppies…

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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2 years ago

Good morning- have you tried keeping the crate in your room with white noise or a fan on during the night in your room to block out any sleep disruptions? I think there are even apps for your phone that you can download for this with a Bluetooth speaker. It might make things easier for you and your puppy.🐾😊

2 years ago

Are you wearing his brain out prior to bedtime? I don’t mean a run in the yard – I mean puppy push-ups (sit/down/sit/stand, rinse repeat for a good 15 minutes) or something similar at this age.

Last edited 2 years ago by Laura