Hi all, I have a six year old Jack Russell mix presented with neck pain about 5 …

Hi all, I have a six year old Jack Russell mix presented with neck pain about 5 weeks ago. The vet did xrays and saw calcifications in the c2-c3 area. I can’t afford to go the neurologist, so my vet is treating him with prednisone, tramadol, diazepam, methocarbamal, and gabapentin. He had a few days last week without his “episodes” as I call them after we upped his diazepam. Also last week we lowered his prednisone. I have had to hand feed him soft food because crunchy causes an episode, and him eating from a bowl causes an episode. These “episodes” are him screaming in pain, his neck thickens up, his back arches, it is so gut wrenching to see my baby go through this. Well after 5 days of no events, he had an episode yesterday and he hurt all day. It seemed to be worse than when it all started. Today is awful also. He is taking his meds but cries when he does. I have him on crate rest. I even put a note on the door asking people not to knock or ring the doorbell as barking also causes problems. I guess my question is with all these meds and rest, should we further along than where we are? I will call my vet in the morning for his opinion, but I was curious as to how others have handled this timeline.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, These cases are really hard to fit a normal. Everyone is different and each has its own twists and turns. Also I get concerned when we don’t have a firm diagnosis. Has your vet done xrays and bloodwork? If so I think it’s best to ask for a recheck ASAP and go over your pets medications and plan. It might need a little tweaking based on the pain your dog is having now. Also please inquire about cage rest. It sounds like you are on a good pain regimen but rest and sedation might be needed now. I hope… Read more »