Hi All !! I have a 1 1/2 year old , female Chinese crested . I have had her about six …

Hi All !! I have a 1 1/2 year old , female Chinese crested . I have had her about six months now and she’s been in great health and super happy and active . Saturday am , she went out and came back in a little while later limping on her back left leg . I checked her out and couldn’t see anything that would have caused it , so I had her lay down in her crate for about 2 hours. When I went to let her out , she couldn’t get out of the crate and soon I a realized that she could not use her back two legs at all !! I was so shocked 😳 and just couldn’t believe how this could happen?!? Got her into the vet and he said she had absolutely no feeling in her lower half 🥺😢 He said that he believes she had IVDD and we need to go to a neurologist for blood and X-rays to rule out anything else . We called two different places 1-2 hours away . One wouldn’t even tell us how much a visit was or bloodwork or X-rays or anything. The other place told us that if she had no feeling that we’d be wasting out time on bloodwork and X-rays , because it won’t change anything and she’ll be like this forever 🥺 I am so distraught and have been googling and watching YouTube videos on IVDD . I found Dr Krista Magnificos YouTube channel and all her videos on IVDD . I am
Praying that there is some kind of hope that my girl will be able to walk again. I would love any and all advice in this situation and I would love if Dr Krista herself could help me with this !! Thank you so very much !!

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Krista Magnifico
7 days ago


I think we already saw her. Right? I’m so sorry. Some how this one slipped through my inbox.

I have tons of info on my blog and YouTube channel.

Most of all I urge people to never give up hope. Ever. And keep looking for a vet who will help you.

Please call me at the clinic if you need anything.