Hey everyone! I was hoping I can get some insight on how to battle for ringworm …

Hey everyone! I was hoping I can get some insight on how to battle for ringworm in my household? we adopted a cat from the humane society and they were not aware that he had ringworm and it has passed to the 2 humans in the house and the other cats.

I’ve been doing the daily cleaning, washing the sheets, vacuuming, spraying Lysol, wiping surfaces down, etc. I got topical medicine for both humans and cats.. I have lime sulphur on order. I also have deep played my couch covered with plastic and tarp and sheets. Cat towers are outside to be cleaned and stored away until it’s over.

Is there any of suggestions? If I would lock my cat’s in the basement and keep them away from the living quarters could that possibly help keep it contained and help eliminate the issue?

Thanks in advance! I appreciate any opinions!/advice I may get! 😊

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2 years ago

Good morning- ringworm is usually medicated with an anti fungal treatment from a prescription. I am not sure if anything over the counter is safe for your cats- you should call your vet about that. Meantime, quarantining your cats will help. Be sure to wash your hands after you handle them. It sounds like you are definitely on top of things as far as laundering and cleaning. I would recommend li trolling your furniture and then throwing the tape out- just to help get all the fur the vacuum may miss in case there are spores on it. Best of… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Have you spoken to your vet about this? There are OTC medications that can be tried and oral medications, and like the lyme sulfur topical shampoos. In some cases I shave the cats down (if they are long haired) and make sure they are otherwise healthy. I have seen it happen many times in newly rescued cats. It will run its course and it is a big nuisance I know but it passes. Please call your vet and ask for help.. There is a lot you can do. although I am not a VCA hosptial fan this is a… Read more »