If it helps a puppy to grow up with another puppy does the same hold…

If it helps a puppy to grow up with another puppy does the same hold true for kittens? Will cats be happier and better adjusted if they have a sibling? Does it help to get 2 from the same litter or should they be unrelated?

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4 years ago

We had a few “pairs” in our lifetime- meaning they were from the same litter. Never had an issue- all three times, they were really nice, affectionate and all around good pets. I have heard of littermate syndrome in dogs, which can prove to be a challenge, but I do not think the same holds true for cats. I will say that a kitten is a lot of work- box training, house rules, scratching, etc. so keep in mind that is all double duty when bringing two in at the same time. Best of luck!!

4 years ago

I’ve never had kittens, so I cannot speak to this part of your question. I do know quite a bit about dogs, however, and I would NEVER suggest getting two littermates in dogs. Ever. This causes some serious developmental issues – littermate syndrome and dog aggression are but two of them.