HELP!! I have a 3yo female Pom, Nomi, who is bullying our newly adopted female puppy, …

I have a 3yo female Pom, Nomi, who is bullying our newly adopted female puppy, Ali.
Backstory: We had a senior Beagle (who recently passed away) and our current 3yo Pom. They got along very well tho the beagle was not in to playing with toys, he would play “wrestle” with Nomi. Nomi never had any aggression toward him (other than don’t go after my food) but she did like to boss him around….stay out of the garbage, don’t lick the dishes when the dishwasher is open sort of stuff. As said, our Beagle recently passed and we just (like yesterday) adopted a puppy, wanting to give Nomi another companion. Nomi is bullying the new pup; will not allow her to play with the toys…(.and we did buy new toys as we knew not to just give Nomi’s toys up for grabs)….will not allow her play freely, nips at pup if she makes sudden movements around her. Normally, Nomi is a very social dog with humans but has never been around dogs other than her beagle brother who was already here when Nomi came to us at 12 weeks old.

I need to know how to calm Nomi down and teach her it is ok for the new pup to play both with toys and in general. I need to know how to effectively “discipline” Nomi when she is mean to the pup without using tactics such as striking her or yelling. I have been giving her lots of praise in the moments when she doesn’t nip or growl at the pup, even treats. We’ve been very cautious to make sure we show Nomi affection right along with the new girl and we do not leave them alone together, and do not feed them together.

ANY help/advice would be so welcome as we want these two girls to get along and be pals for their sake and ours!

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2 years ago

How did you introduce them? Have you talked to Nomi’s obedience trainer for ideas? This sounds like it COULD be generalized resource guarding, and it might mean she needs more confidence.

2 years ago

Good morning- I think starting over from scratch might be helpful. Complete re-introduction for both dogs. A trainer will be helpful as well- even if your dogs already have obedience training. It just helps establish some routine as well as pack order. I am a firm believer in walks. They are another fantastic tool that help keep things in order. And personal space vs. supervised play will be helpful also. Setting up a place for your 3 yo dog to go for a break (crate, bed, etc.) that they know is for them only can also be very helpful. When… Read more »