Hello, I have a 12 week old kitten who was spayed 11 days ago. I noticed…

I have a 12 week old kitten who was spayed 11 days ago. I noticed after the 4th day that she had some swelling under her incision. I took her to the ER vet who did an US and said the internal stitches were still intact and there was no hernia. She aspirated some sanguious fluild and looked at it under the microscope and said she was infection free. The kitten had been confined to the bathroom since the spaying but I found out on the third day she was jumping in and out of the bathtub. Hard to keep a 12 week old kitten still and quiet! So after the vet visit we confined even more so- in a free standing shower for 5 days. I then noticed it was firmer- maybe 10% smaller- but definitely firmer looking- more defined. So back to the Er vet who did a second US and said all looked good- no hernia. She then said to let her out of the shower and resume normal activity- the serima should resolve. I was like what! That’s the opposite of what the other vet said. The kitten has been eating and acting normal all through this recovery period. I check the serima daily and it’s the same size. Do I let her tossel with her sibling? How long will it take for the body to reabsorb it? And why did it get firmer after she drained it? I’m so conflicted what to do. Some sites says it takes weeks- I might be impatient. The incision has almost completely healed and looks good. I’m so confused as to how I should be treating this!
Thanks so much!!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

These are all questions for the vet who did the surgery. In general kittens heal very very fast. I would guess she is fine at this point but you should ask your vet for their opinion. I hope you have a regular vet. The ER is for emergencies. Your vet is for the day to Day questions.

2 years ago

Good morning.? I would start to make regular appointments at the vet you will be using… fo check ups, inoculations, etc. that way you will be able to establish a good relationship and they will get to know your kitten well making future visits easier and more relaxed. As far as your kitten’s spay- I agree, the vet that did the surgery is the best person to speak with. Best of luck and congrats on your kitten!