Hello! We were hiking with our dog this morning when he got a thorn in his …

Hello! We were hiking with our dog this morning when he got a thorn in his paw. Luckily we were able to remove it but it required two of us since he doesn’t like having his feet touched especially when he’s in pain. I have two questions. I realize now we need to carry a soft muzzle or something in case this happens when he is with only one of us, do you have a kind you prefer? Also how can we work with him, so he is more comfortable with us touching his feet?

Thank you so much,

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1 year ago

Hi there- we are currently working with one of our dogs and his feet. He does not like them being handles or touched either. What we are doing at the moment: after a good long walk, and while he is calm and resting, I have been sitting with him and just “playing” with each of his toes individually, and rewArding his patience with a treat. He is getting much more tolerant with this. So much so, that the other morning I was able to cut almost all of his nails in one sitting. Is has been a process/ still is,… Read more »

1 year ago

In a pinch, you can use the leash as a muzzle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8CwNyfaU3g

1 year ago

It’s definitely a good reason to carry a spare nylon leash. 🙂 I always have a few around since they can be so very handy.