Hello I got a Rottweiler puppy and I have had him for 7 weeks now…

Hello I got a Rottweiler puppy and I have had him for 7 weeks now. His name is rocky and he’s 15 weeks old and my question is: whenever I go to a park with him and I run around he always bites me and jumps at me and bites furiously and growls. Do you guys know how to fix it because ive been thinking of getting a new dog. Is it the fact that he’s a Rottweiler he does this?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I agree. ESP with Laura and the second dog.more training time patience and a puppy class (or four nights a week of them) will help. Your pup is so excited to be outisidw and with dogs he sort of comes unglued. Get him playing, tired, and trained. Then talk about a adding another dog as you will very likely have to do the same thing all over again.

3 years ago

Good morning and congrats on your puppy. There are a few pieces of advice d like to share if you’ll allow. First, I’m very glad you are giving this puppy a loving home and attention. Parks are great fun…for well behaved and completely vaccinated dogs. I would make sure your pup is completely up to date on ALL vaccinations before I would go to the dog park where not everyone is as responsible about the health of their dogs. Secondly, I would get my puppy into a basic training and obedience class right away. This will help curb those unwanted… Read more »

3 years ago

DO NOT get a second dog until this one is at least 2 (trust me on this). You need to focus on his obedience training before bringing a second dog in, plus littermate aggression is a very real issue you don’t want to deal with. Instead, focus on obedience training with this little guy. Avoid Petsmart – find a good group class with a balanced trainer. At his age, he could benefit from puppy kindergarten, as well. Look for a training company which provides both.