Hello Pawbly friends- Quick question. Our youngest GSD (1 & 1/2)is not comfortable getting his nails…

Hello Pawbly friends-
Quick question. Our youngest GSD (1 & 1/2)is not comfortable getting his nails trimmed, and it is getting worse?I will admit- ever since I quicked our Dierks years ago, I am always apprehensive about doing nails. Butch HATES getting his nails trimmed. Riva “tolerates” it. I know it is important, so I take a deep breath, calm myself and keep going. My thinking is that Rontu can still sense my anxiety and I need to get it in check. I realize that I could bring him in to get his nails trimmed, but at this point, and how involved with my dogs I try to be, I feel bringing him in is a cop out of sorts. I am also feeling like trimming nails, as small as that sounds, has great potential in building a better level of trust- but I need to approach it just right. Any advice is so very appreciated ???thanks

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3 years ago

Try a dremel. It requires desensitization but it’s easier to use, as you’re less likely to quick your dogs with it, especially with dark nails. While you work on desensitization, take your dog to a groomer for trims.

Or, since we’re local to each other (I’m just down in Baltimore), I could show you the basics of using a dremel sometime soon? I’d be happy to do it.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I tell clients to try to make nail exercises part of every day and every joyous occasion.. like taking “give paw” to the next level… make handing the feet over a task, offer rewards to reinforce participation and then start with a softer nail trimmer… like a file, or even a dremel (dremel takes longer to desensitize due to noise and vibration). But whatever you do keep at it.. also, if you do what I do, which is use nail trimmers, make sure they are sharp and know what you are aiming for.

heres some help