Hello pawbly friends!! We have just rescued another GSD- he is beautiful. We have only…

Hello pawbly friends!! We have just rescued another GSD- he is beautiful. We have only had him about 48 hours. He is still very anxious from his trip and new surroundings, but our two GSDs are showing him the ropes and being very patient with him. He is only 9 months old, so he really is still somewhat of a baby. He has taken to the house very well, and is learning the rules already. The stairs however, are a really frightening thing for him. Absolutely REFUSES to go down. He’s gone up them. Riva (one of our dogs) has gone up and down many times in front of him. We swear she knows we are trying to teach him??We have tied all of us being down there with a squeaky toy, treats, praise…. just looking for some advice. My guess is once he is comfortable enough and feels secure it will not be an issue, but we have a lot of stairs, so it is a little difficult trying to maneuver things right now. Any advice would be great! THanks!???

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Krista Magnifico

Hello, Congratulations on the new baby! Stairs can take a while for some dogs. I think it is a matter of time to find heir comfort zone but yes going down is always much scarier than up. One of the things I do is have my husband walk directly in front of them so hey can’t see the whole scope of the stairs. Or find a place with deep shallow long stairs like at the park and practice on them. I also have picked up my dog and placed them on Yw bottom two stairs and practiced them. So they… Read more »


Try stairs outside first. Some dogs cannot deal with enclosed staircases in houses, but they’re fine with stairs in parks and the like.